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Cheryl Epstein Portfolio

Google UX Design Certificate - FurBowl Dog Food Delivery App Design Project

I conceptualized and executed a project called FurBowl as part of the Google UX Design Certificate program. Designed for the convenience and empowerment of dog owners invested in their pets’ dietary well-being, FurBowl is a personalized platform that facilitates easy customization of dogs’ food to ensure optimal nutrition.

The inspiration behind this project emerged from the growing demand for tailored pet nutrition and the clear absence of a user-friendly solution that allows dog owners to effortlessly discover and order food aligned with their pets’ unique dietary requirements.

At the core of FurBowl’s inception lies the intention to bridge the gap between expert insights into pet nutrition and the accessibility that modern technology can provide. To bring this concept to life, I played a pivotal role in every stage of development. My responsibilities spanned user research, empathy mapping, crafting user personas, mapping out user journeys, conducting a competitive audit, wireframing, and the creation of high and low fidelity prototypes. Through these efforts, I ensured that FurBowl not only addressed a market need but also delivered a seamless and user-centered experience.

The FurBowl dog food delivery app showcases my ability to apply design thinking to execute a user-focused solution from the ground up. By blending my creative thinking with UX principles, I’ve demonstrated how innovation can lead to tangible products that cater to real-world demands while fostering enhanced relationships between pets and their owners.

View the project presentation below!